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History of La Ronda in Quito, Ecuador

From Plaza de Santo Domingo, walk down this hill on Calle Guayaquil to La Ronda. The neighborhood has an interesting history. Prior to early 16th century, this was a trail used by the Incas to fetch water from the Jatuna stream at the base of the mountain. After the Spaniards arrived, the early colonists created farms and built houses along the gully. Within fifty years, they began calling it La Ronda meaning “ring road” because their alley ran parallel to the outskirts of Quito. Their homes were aligned in rows with common side walls and resembled the style found in Andalusia, Spain. By the late 19th century, La Ronda morphed into a haven for bohemians such as artists, activists and others on the social fringe. Within the next 100 years, it digressed into a slum for criminals and the homeless. In 2006, the city began revitalizing La Ronda. Although the transition is ongoing, results to date are inviting.


Plaza de Santo Domingo, Guayaquil, Quito 170130, Ecuador


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