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14 History of Ilhabela, Brazil

The Tupinambas, a tribe of the Tupi people, originally inhabited this island. They called it Ciribaí meaning serene place. When Portuguese navigator Gonçalo Coelho arrived on January 20, 1502, he named the island São Sebastião in honor of Saint Sebastian’s feast day. Nearly a century would pass before Francisco de Escobar Ortiz became the first settler. Other Portuguese seamen soon began taking residence on both sides of the channel. Vila de São Sebastião was established in 1636. During subsequent centuries, the town’s name changed several times. The variations included Nossa Senhora D’ajuda and Bom Sucesso Chapel, Vila Bela da Princesa, Vila Bela and then Formosa. On January 1, 1945, the municipality adopted the current name of Ilhabela. This is Câmara Municipal, the City Hall of Ilhabela.


Avenida Dona Germana, 85 - Centro, Ilhabela - SP, 11630-000, Brazil


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