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6 History of Delphi, Greece

Archeological evidence suggests people have lived in the region since the late Bronze Age. The first temple was constructed near the end of the 7th century BC. Within 100 years, the site became an important sacred center plus hosted music and then sports competitions (Pythian Games). Delphi’s history was riddled with challenges. The tragic events included a fire (548 BC), a Persian attack (480 BC), an earthquake (373 BC) and, during the 3rd century BC, an assault by the Gauls and later the Aitolian League. Romans took control in 191 BC. They maintained Delphi’s religious and games role for over 580 years. That ended when Theodosius I was Roman emperor (reign 379 – 395). He declared Christianity as the only recognized religion while outlawing all Hellenistic temples, worship and customs. Most of Delphi was then dismantled by the Christians until they finally left in the 7th century. The site lay in ruins until 1892 when a French team led by archeologist Théophile Homolle began excavation.


Ancient Delphi, Delphi 330 54, Greece


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