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1 Historical Introduction to Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Granada has had several names throughout history. The Romans called it Iliberis during the 1st century BC. The Ziri dynasty renamed it Elvira in 1013. When Muhammad Ibn Yusuf ibn Nasr arrived in 1238, he established the Nasrid dynasty and became the first ruler of the Emirate of Granada. Muhammad I of Granada then chose Sabikah Hill, in the center of the city, to build his opulent palace. The Alhambra (meaning Red Castle) evolved for over 250 years during the Muslim occupation until 1492. Then the Spanish Empire embellished the palaces in the 16th century. This UNESCO World Heritage Site comprises 26 acres. Alhambra is the pinnacle of Granada and one of the best attractions in Spain. Your walking tour begins at the early 16th century Puerta de las Granadas (Gate of the Pomegranates). Above the coat of arms of Charles I of Spain are three open pomegranates.


Puerta de las Granadas, Cuesta de Gomérez, 39, 18009 Granada, Spain


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