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Historic Sites in Carnarvon Bay at Port Arthur, Australia

Two historic sites are in Carnarvon Bay across from Port Arthur. On the left is Point Puer Boys’ Prison. From 1834 until 1849, this headland incarcerated up to 3,000 teenage boys. Juveniles were forced to build the makeshift brick structures atop the 60 foot cliff. The gaol’s mission was to isolate the children from adult criminals while educating them. In reality, it was a despicable place characterized by cruel physical punishments, routine violence and hard labor. On the right is the Isle of the Dead. Before it became a cemetery in 1833, it was called Opossum Island. By the time it ceased operations in 1877, over 1,000 people had been buried here. Only 180 of the graves were marked on the north part of the islet, typically for officers, soldiers and their families. It was mostly forbidden to provide tombstones for prisoners buried on the south side.


Carnarvon Bay, Port Arthur, TAS 7182, Australia


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