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16 Historic Retailer Marques in Napier, New Zealand

Napier has changed considerably since its central business district was destroyed and rebuilt during the 1930s. Yet throughout the town, the marques retain the names of historic merchants. Here is a glimpse of Hastings Street. On the right was Barry Bros. Ltd. built in 1936. Born in the mid-19th century from Irish immigrants, Patrick and David first operated a delivery business serviced by 60 Clydesdales and then expanded into coal and timber. Next door is Ringlands’. The Ringland Brothers ran a drapery shop here when it opened in 1932. Next door was Harston’s. This Spanish Mission design was a music shop and warehouse when finished in 1932. If you would like learning more about the city’s architecture, pick up the book “The New Napier: Art Deco City in the 1930s” by Robert McGregor.


1 Hastings St, Napier 4110, New Zealand


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