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6 Historic Origin of Richmond, Australia

In 1803, Rear-Admiral John Bowen was the first naval officer to discover a potential settlement in Tasmania at Risdon Cove. A year later, Captain David Collins moved it to Sullivans Cove and named it Hobart Town. Meanwhile, John Bowen continued exploring for two years. His travels included navigating a river he called Coal River where he identified an ideal tract of land. Colonists initially named their new home Sweetwater. In 1824, William Sorell, the third Lieutenant-Governor of Van Diemen’s Land, brokered to purchase the 90-acre Richmond Park estate. After the sale, the village was renamed Richmond. The townspeople then harnessed convict labor to build their churches, a bridge, government buildings and homes. This influx of prisoners resulted in the Richmond Gaol, a harsh jail to manage the inmates. Hopefully, you can sense this history as you explore historic Richmond. Take time to visit the boutique shops and galleries along Bridge Street inside quaint, mid-19th century cottages such as Ewe Nique shown here.


Historic Origin of Richmond, Australia

44 Bridge St, Richmond TAS 7025, Australia


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