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Historic Franklin Square Offices in Hobart, Australia

Franklin Square Offices is a multiplex of historic Tasmanian government buildings initiated by Van Diemen’s Land Lieutenant-Governor William Sorell in 1823. This is a list of the major, 19th century structures, their completion dates and architects. Court House in 1825 by Colonial Architect David Lambe with an extension in 1836; Police Offices in 1835 and Public Offices in 1841 by John Lee Archer; Fire Proof Building in 1856 and Supreme Court in 1860 by William Pordan Kay; Conversion of Court House to Post Office with portico added in 1860; Executive Council Offices in 1884 and Deed Building in 1894 by William Waters Eldridge. Fourteen more expansions occurred duringt the 20th century. These structures are now the headquarters for the Tasmanian Department of Treasury & Finance.


21 Murray St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia


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