Gran Gomero in Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

There is an abundance of trees in Recoleta, so this one is easy to miss. Yet the observant will notice its width of over 165 feet. The roots of this rubber tree are enormous. Several branches – up to 100 feet in length – are so heavy they need support. Since 2014, one of the columns was replaced with a sculpture titled The Atlas of Recoleta. The locals call this famous tree Gran Gomero. Apparently, it was planted by the Franciscan monks in 1800. Others claim it dates from either 1781 or 1791. Regardless, it is the oldest tree in the city. In 2006, its image was incorporated into the shield of Recoleta neighborhood.


Pres. Roberto M. Ortiz 1839-1885, C1113ABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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