Government House in Reykjavík, Iceland

This prominent city landmark was a prison from 1770 until 1816. It then housed Danish governors until 1904 when Iceland’s constitution and rights for home rule were expanded. This change resulted in a Minister of Iceland being appointed to the Danish Cabinet and becoming the leader of Iceland’s Alþingi (Parliament). Hannes Hafstein – who is memorialized in the bronze statue by Einar Jónsson – was the first and fourth man to hold this leadership role. He and successive ministers resided in the Government House. In 1918, the position of Prime Minister of Iceland was established. Since then, Stjórnarráðið has served as his offices. This is why it is often called the Cabinet House (Stjornarrad).


Stjórnarráðið, Lækjargata, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland


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