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Gibralfaro Castle in Málaga, Spain

The highest point in central Málaga near the port is Jabal-Faruk, Arabic for Lighthouse Mountain. The Phoenicians used this summit as a fortified lookout during the 8th century BC followed by the Romans. What you see now is the medieval Gibralfaro Castle. The fortress hovers over the Alcazaba like a protective parent. The stronghold was initially built in the early 10th century by Abd-al-Rahman III, the 1st Caliph of Cordoba (929 -961). Castillo Gibralfaro was expanded by Yusuf I, Sultan of Granada. He was a Nasrid ruler from 1333 until 1354. This is also the site of the final Muslim resistance against the Catholic monarchs until hunger forced them to capitulate in 1487. For lots more history, make sure to visit the interpretation center inside the castle. A popular tourist activity is to walk along the crenelated, zigzagging ramparts (left) and admire the elevated view from the bastion called Baker’s Oven (right). The people standing below are at a lookout named Mirador de Gibralfaro.


Camino de Gibralfaro, 11, 29016 Málaga, Spain


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