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22 Generalife Near Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Construction of the summer palace of the Nasrid sultans began in the 13th century during the tenure of Muhammed II of Granada (1273-1302). This predates the Nasrid Palaces you just toured. Generalife is perched on a hill called Monte Mauror and is separated from the Alhambra by a ravine. This is Villa de los Martires meaning Martyrs’ Estate. The name recognizes the Christians enslaved to build the Alhambra while imprisoned in the complex. Encircling Palacio de Generalife are gardens featuring groomed cypress trees, grottos and fountains. In the center is Patio de la Acequia (Court of the Water Channel). The word Genralife translates into the Garden of the Architect. Admission to the Alhambra typically includes a visit to Generalife.


Generalife, 18009 Granada, Spain


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