General Juan Lavalle Monument in San Nicolás, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sharing the three-block greenspace with the Palace of Justice is this monument to General Juan Lavalle, the namesake for the park. He was an important leader during the War of the Argentine Independence (1810 – 1825) and subsequent civil wars in neighboring countries. He was murdered at home in 1841. The red cupula and Art Nouveau tower are the remnants of Mirador Massue. Most of this 1903 apartment complex was torn down to make way for the modern Plaza Court Building beside it. Historically, Plaza Lavalle was the scene of a government massacre in 1890. The insurrection was led by a political party called Unión Cívica (Civic Union) against President Miguel Celman. Revolution of the Park resulted in the death of over 300 demonstrators and the president’s resignation.


Av. Corrientes 1145, C1043 AAL, CABA, Argentina


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