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12 Gazebo at Botanical Gardens in Kingstown, Saint Vincent

The Botanical Gardens are one of Saint Vincent’s most popular attractions. Tourists and locals alike meander along the paths crisscrossing the 20 acre property. They savor the manicured landscape filled with plants, trees and shrubs mixed with serenity. Founded in 1765, this is among the oldest public botanical gardens in the Western Hemisphere. Founders Robert Melville (British Caribbean Islands governor) and George Young (a military surgeon) collected plants from across the Caribbean and as far away as China. Even Vice-Admiral William Bligh was helping by collecting breadfruit in 1789 when his crew staged a mutiny on the HMS Bounty. Also contained within the Botanical Gardens is the Nicholas Wildlife Aviary Complex. Their mission includes a breeding program for the Saint Vincent parrot, the country’s national bird.


Botanical Gardens, New Montrose, St. Vincent & Grenadines


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