7 Galápagos Mockingbird on Rábida Island in Galápagos, EC

Finches are often believed to be the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Although they contributed to his breakthrough discovery, the various finch species were not identified until two years after his Galápagos visit. Yet Darwin did observe uniqueness among mockingbirds. He called them mocking-thrushes. An entry in his extensive journal aboard HMS Beagle exclaimed he was astonished to see different species even from neighboring islands. There are four species of mockingbirds endemic to the Galápagos and six subspecies. The type living on Isla Rábida and three other islands is Mimus parvulus personatus. Part of the bird’s diet is eating fruit. The seeds pass through the feces and germinate elsewhere.


Rábida Island, Ecuador


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