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19 Fretheim Hotel in Flåm, Norway

A pleasant way to idle away a leisurely afternoon is by having cocktails and/or a meal at the Fretheim Hotel. It is within eyesight of your cruise ship. The origin of this historic property dates back to the 1870s when rich Europeans discovered the excellent salmon fishing in river Flåmselva. They stayed at the farmhouse of Christen Fretheim, the wealthiest man on the fjord. Demand became so great he built an inn the locals named English Villa. After he died in 1916, his cousin Marthe continued managing the hotel. Some claim her spirit still assures every guest is thrilled to be at the Fretheim Hotel. 17 of the rooms are decorated with late 19th century furnishings. This is one of three hotels in Flåm. Also, very close to the harbor is the Flåmsbrygga Hotel.


Fretheim Hotel, Nedre Fretheim, 5743 Flåm, Norway


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