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18 Founder’s Hall at Nishi Honganji in Kyoto, Japan

Goeido is one of two large wooden structures in the center of Nishi Honganji Temple. The Founder’s Hall is dedicated to Shinran Shonin, the Buddhist monk who established the Jodo-Shin sect in the mid-13th century. 47 years after his death in 1263, his grandson Kakue created a temple around the Shinran’s mausoleum and named it Hongwanji. This means the Temple of the Primal Vow. The original structure was destroyed by warfare in 1336. After moving several times, this location was created in 1591. Nishi Hongwanji was ravished by an earthquake five years later and then a fire in 1617. This version of the Goeido was built in 1636. Founder’s Hall is designated as a National Treasure of Japan.


Japan, 〒600-8501 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Shimogyō-ku, Monzenchō


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