41 Fort Gorges from Bug Light Park in South Portland, Maine

The War of 1812 and the American Civil War prompted the need to defend the mouth of Portland Harbor. Fort Gorges was finished in 1864. It never saw military action. The namesake for the fortress was Sir Ferdinando Gorges. He was a 17th century military commander of Plymouth, England. Gorges helped establish the Province of Maine in 1622. This earned him the title “Father of English colonization in North America.” Fort Gorges is located in Casco Bay on Hog Island Ledge. Hog Islander is a slang term for WWII troop and transport ships like those previously built in today’s Bug Light Park where this photo was taken. You can tour the island but it is only accessible by water.


Fort Gorges, Hog Island Ledge, South Portland, ME 04101


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