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Fort Charlotte in Nassau, Bahamas

After the Spaniards largely destroyed the Old Fort of Nassau in 1782, British governor Lord Dunmore ordered its replacement in 1789. Fort Charlotte was finished in 1819. This massive stronghold encircled by a dry moat is part of a 100 acre complex consisting of two other forts: Stanley and D’Arcy. Tours are available to learn their history while displaying great views of the western harbor. The stronghold’s namesake is Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. She was the wife of King George III of the United Kingdom and the mother of his 15 children. The fort cannons have never been used in battle. However, there is a salute every day at either 11:30 or noon.

Fort Charlotte in Nassau, Bahamas

W Bay St & Chippingham Rd, Nassau, The Bahamas


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