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5 Flora of Rábida Island in Galápagos, EC

The harsh, arid and volcanic surface of Rábida Island is not conducive to diverse vegetation. The three main plants are shown here. On the left is Galápagos Opuntia echios. Although prickly pear cactus grows across the Americas, this species is exclusive to the Galápagos. There are also five varieties. The Opuntia galapageia profusa only germinates on Rábida. Growing on the island’s hillsides are ghostly trees. These seemingly dead white branches are Bursera graveolens. Their common name of palo santo means “holy stick.” Finally, along the shore and the lagoon are dense green thickets of saltbrush. Scientists classify them as Cryptocarpus pyriformis.


Rábida Island, Ecuador


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