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9 Fløibanen Funicular in Bergen, Norway

Here is a visual experience you do not want to miss while in Bergen. Over a million people enjoy this attraction every year. Fløibanen is a funicular railway. You will board one of two cars painted either blue (named Blåmann) or red (called Rødhette). Then, you will travel for six to eight minutes to the summit of Mount Fløyen. There might be a few stops along the way to accommodate residents living on the hill. But you won’t care; there is plenty of scenery to keep your eyes busy. When the doors open at an elevation of 1,050 feet, you will be thrilled by the panoramic views of the city, harbor and surrounding fjords. Also consider eating at the restaurant or café. Afterwards, spend time on the walking trails.


Vetrlidsallmenningen 21, 5014 Bergen, Norway


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