19 Entrance to Citadel at Brimstone Hill Fortress in Sandy Point, Saint Kitts

Anticipation starts growing when you notice Brimstone Hill, the historical apex of Saint Kitts. The 755 foot mountain stands guard over the northwest coast. Excitement melts into trepidation as your driver cautiously navigates a switchback road, honks at every turn, squeezes through the front gate and parks in the old parade ground. Encircling you are 38 acres of Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park. This British fort was first armed in 1690, fortified for over a century and then abandoned in 1852. Brimstone Hill Fortress was once called the Gibraltar of the West Indies because it was considered impenetrable. The French proved that assumption wrong in 1782. Today, this is one of the best maintained forts in the Americas and worthy of its UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. Now walk up the ramp to reach the Western Place of Arms, cross a moat and enter the Citadel of Fort George.


Brimstone Hill Fortress, Sandy Point, St. Kitts & Nevis


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