Elevated View of Albaicín District in Granada, Spain

The labyrinth of narrow streets and historic edifices in the Albaicín District richly deserves its UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. The neighborhood was founded by Berbers of the Zirid Dynasty in 1013. Despite its walled-in defenses, it fell to the Almoravids in 1090 and the Almohad Caliphate in 1166. This became a Muslim neighborhood when the Nasrid Dynasty seized control in 1238. The area grew in prosperity for over 250 years until the Catholic Monarchs won Granada. Initially, they allowed the Muslims to continue living here. Then they began converting mosques into churches while expelling the Arabs. Come explore this fascinating old Moorish quarter. El Albaicín is seen here from the Alhambra. On the left is the Church of El Salvador (1594). On the right is the Church of San Nicolás (1525).

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