Dræggens Buekorps in Formation in Bergen, Norway - Encircle Photos

Dræggens Buekorps in Formation in Bergen, Norway

If you are fortunate, you will witness uniformed youth performing quasi-military routines or marching. The youngest children, beginning at the age of seven, carry wooden rifles or crossbows. Others are drummers. The officers, up to the age of 20, have swords. These are called bataljoner’ meaning battalions. There are 14 of these groups in Bergen, each from a different neighborhood. The unique tradition began in the mid-19th century. These boys are from Dræggens Buekorps. They were formed in 1856, making them the oldest of the Buekorps brigades (although this is disputed by their rivals, the Skutevikens Buekorps). Historically, this bow corps only assembles on Saturdays.

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