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15 Description of Forbidden City in Beijing, China

Forbidden City is the must see attraction in Beijing. Constructed in the early 15th century, this former home to 24 emperors showcases almost 1,000 exquisite examples of Chinese palatial architecture. From 1420 until 1912, you could not enter the property without permission from the emperor. But after the end of the Qing dynasty, the 180 acre complex opened in 1925 as the Palace Museum. Now this UNESCO World Heritage Site welcomes about 16 million visitors a year, making it the world’s number one tourist attraction. One beautiful example of why Forbidden City is so popular is this view of the Gate of Supreme Harmony with marble balustrades reflecting on Inner Golden Water River. On the right are the Gate of Manifest Virtue (Zhaode men) and the Lofty Pavilion (Chong lou).


Meridian Gate, Dongcheng Qu, Donghuamen Rd, Beijing Shi, China, 100006


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