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23 Dead Sea Beach Options in Israel

There are nine beaches on the 42 mile western shore of the Dead Sea along Highway 90. The three clustered in the north are the closest to Jerusalem. They are the Kalia, Biankini and Neve Midbar Beaches. Each one charges an admission fee in exchange for lots of amenities plus bars, shops and swimming pools. The choppy waves cause murky water but harbor lots of spa-like mud. In the middle of the North Basin are Mineral Beach and Ein Gedi Public Beach (pictured). Both have been closed indefinitely because of dangerous sinkholes. Nearby is Ein Gedi Hot Springs Beach. The resort offers a thermo-mineral spa and pools yet is a half mile from the sea. Although this spot boasts of being the lowest place on earth, the resort needs to ship in the Dead Sea mud. Finally, in the South Basin are Ein Bokek, Zohar and Segregated Beaches. They are all free. The water here is very calm and very salty. So, instead of mud or sand, you will walk on salt pellets. The area is encircled with resorts, a shopping center, stores and restaurants.


Dead Sea Beach Options in Israel

Ein Gedi Beach, Dead Sea, Israel


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