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Dark History of Victoria Terrasse in Oslo, Norway

When Victoria Terrasse was finished in 1890, the ornate façade with towers and a slate roof stretched over 590 feet. Inside were luxury apartments. The flats were so fancy they were among the first residences to have electricity. In 1913, the government purchased the structure for administrative offices and a police station. Its dark history occurred during World War II when the Germans occupied Norway. In 1940, they converted Victoria Terrace into the headquarters for their Gestapo (Secret State Police) and Sicherheitsdienst (State Security for intelligence and covert operations). Until 1945, Norwegian citizens and political prisoners were jailed, interrogated and tortured here. In 1942, the British tried unsuccessfully to destroy Victoria Terrasse in an aerial bombing called the Oslo Mosquito Raid. The building now serves as the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Victoria Terrasse 0251 Oslo, Norway


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