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10 Danubius Fountain at Hofburg in Vienna, Austria

When the old city walls were torn down in 1860, the Augustinian Bastion also fell. This left a gaping hole in Archduke Albrecht’s palace, an 18th century section of Hofburg Palace. So, an access ramp was created. In the center of the elaborate base below Albertina Terrace is this fountain. The bearded male is the river god Danubius. He personifies the Danube River. His arm is around Vindobona. This was the name of a Roman settlement over 2,000 years ago that evolved into Vienna. So, she represents the city. At their feet is an attending cherub. Supporting the pedestal are three mythological mermen (half-men, half-fish). The statuary was carved from Carrara marble by Johann Meixner in 1869. Equally interesting are the eight female figures inside niches flanking the Danubius Fountain (also called Albrecht Fountain). They are allegories for major tributaries of the Danube. If you have time, take the ramp up to the Albertina. The art museum houses an impressive collection of over one million old master prints.


Danubius Fountain at Hofburg in Vienna, Austria

Albertinaplatz 1, 1010 Wien, Austria


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