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11 Cycling along Flåmsbana near Flåm, Norway

Most tourists opt to ride the Flåmsbana roundtrip. An invigorating alternative is to purchase a one-way ticket to Myrdal Station. Then, cycle back down to Flåm along Rallarvegen (also called Navvie’s Road). This path was used by workers during the construction of the railroad. You can rent a bike and gear at Myrdal and return them in Flåm. If you are a real enthusiast, inquire about other routes along the Bergen Railway Line. There are over 50 miles of trails waiting to delight you. You can also hike sections and hire guides to enhance your experience. Total time to walk from Myrdal to Flåm is about five hours.


Flåmsdalsvegen, 5743 Flåm, Norway


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