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Culture of Jeju City, South Korea

A reward of traveling is learning the culture of other countries. It is enjoyable and educational to observe and interact with locals not involved in the tourism industry such as these two female gardeners. Here is what you might find while visiting Jeju City. Although the 500 year rule of the Joseon Dynasty ended in 1897, its enforcement of Confucian principles has had a lasting impact on South Korea’s culture. Social customs stress harmony and respect for each other, especially toward the elderly and people of seniority. Family is of utmost importance yet arranged marriages still occur. Although they rarely smile, often seem pushy in crowds and maintain traditions like bowing, they are generous and warm people. Jeju Island is less patriarchal than the mainland because of the lingering influence of female divers (haenyeo) and shamanic shrines honoring women goddesses. Some of these characteristics are slipping away because of Western influences and technology.

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