Count’s Gate at Independence Park in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Fort San Genaro (Bastión de San Genaro) was built in 1543 as part of the city’s extensive fortifications. In the mid-17th century, the defensive wall was strengthened and renamed El Baluarte del Conde. It honors El Conde de Peñalve, a key figure in the victory over the British during the Siege of Santo Domingo in 1655. The Count’s Gate (Puerta del Conde) was a primary entry into the city. This is now Independence Park. The square was the site of the declaration of Dominican Independence by Francisco del Rosario Sánchez in 1844. This event is why the gate is called Puerta de 27 de Febrero.


Parque Independencia, Calle Mariano Cesteros, Santo Domingo 10209, Dominican Republic


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