Confusing Names for Prague and Czech Republic

This is one of two weirs parallel to Old Town. They control the flow of the Vltava river. To get around it, your sightseeing boat must enter the Smíchov Chamber Lock. This lengthy passage gives us time to discuss the confusing names of where you are visiting. The city’s name is Prague in English, Praha in Czech and Prag in German. Now for the country. The formal name is Česká republika (yes, with a lower case r). In English it is the Czech Republic, in German it is Tschechien and the French call it Tchéquie. But people love shortening names. So, the locals call their homeland Česko. In 2016, the government decided to confuse things further by adopting the simple English name of Czechia. And don’t make the mistake of calling it Czech. That is an adjective and not a noun.


Vltava River, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město, Czechia


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