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29 City Hall on the Markt in Delft, Netherlands

The Markt has been the largest public square in Delft since the late 15th century. Anchoring the northeast side is Nieuwe Kerk (New Church). On the opposite end is Delft City Hall. The lower Renaissance section of Stadhuis Delft was designed by architect Hendrick de Keyser in 1618 after the previous town hall was destroyed by fire. The handsome Belgium limestone belfry behind it survived the blaze. Het Steen (The Stone) tower was built during the 13th century. Inside was a prison and torture chamber. You can tour some of this macabre equipment from the Middle Ages. Also learn about the gruesome end of Balthasar Gerard, the assassin of William of Orange.


Markt 87, 2611 GS Delft, Netherlands


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