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4 City Composition of Saguenay, Canada

You will disembark at Port Village, a new moniker for the old industrial Port-Alfred. Within a few steps of the Cruise Pavilion (lower right), you will be greeted by a large sign spelling Saguenay with a red heart (center). This is one of the rare occasions when you will see or hear the name Saguenay. Despite having a population of less than 150,000, the city is geographically complex. It was formed in 2002 by combining three towns: Chicoutimi, La Baie and Jonquière. Each borough is fiercely loyal to their old name and identity. They compete for the attention of tourists. You cannot do justice to all three in a single day. This travel guide focuses first on Chicoutimi and then La Baie.


900 Rue Mars, La Baie, QC G7B 3N7, Canada


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