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Church of Socorro in Ronda, Spain

The Church of Socorro is the youngest in Ronda. It was constructed in 1956. But its location is filled with history. First it was the site of a mosque. During the Reconquista, it was used as an encampment for the Order of Calatrava, a Castile military order sanctioned by the pope in 1164. During the 16th century, a hospital and chapel were built here. This was followed by a new church in 1709 that was destroyed by Nationalist forces in 1936. By the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939, the square was renamed to Plaza del General Franco as a tribute to the new dictator and El Caudillo (The Leader). Since 1981, it is known as Plaza del Socorro in honor of Our Lady of Socorro Church.


Plaza del Socorro, 15, 29400 Ronda, Spain


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