Church of San Rocco in Rome, Italy

In the late 15th century, a hospital was founded along the east bank of the Tiber River. The institution was dedicated to Saint Roch, the patron saint of the plague and other diseases. In 1499, Pope Alexander VI commissioned an adjoining chapel. Chiesa di San Rocco was completely rebuilt in 1657 based on the drawings of Giovan Antonio de’ Rossi. The Catholic church’s façade was not completed until 1834. The interior of this Baroque dome is decorated with frescos of angels. The central nave is richly appointed with pink marble accented by religious paintings, sculptures and reliefs.

This ends the Encircle Rome – One guide. But you are only a few steps away from starting the Tiber River to Vatican Walk. Proceed to the nearby bridge called Pointe Cavour and enjoy your stroll.

Alternatively, you can head north on Via di Ripetta to begin the Borghese & Pincio Gardens Walk.


Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 6, 00186 Roma RM, Italy


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