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6 Church of San Miguel el Alto in Toledo, Spain

Overshadowed by the nearby Alcázar is the Church of San Miguel el Alto. Historians believe the Latin church was constructed during the late 12th century for the Knights Templar. This Christian military order flourished from 1119 – 1312 during the Crusades. The rather bland brick and stone façade of Iglesia de San Miguel is capped with a bell tower. Its Mudéjar design was probably added in the late 13th century. Shaping the belfry are two horseshoe arches with three blind arches. The church dedicated to Saint Michael experienced significant restorations during the 17th century – orchestrated by architect Juan Bautista Monegro – and again during the 1950’s. Services are still held for the parish of San Justo.


Calle Corralillo San Miguel, 4, 45001 Toledo, Spain


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