Church of Saints Justo and Pastor Entrance in Granada, Spain

In 1544, the Jesuits founded the College of St. Paul of the Society of Jesus. Work on this adjacent church began in 1575 and was completed in 1621. The Jesuits were expelled from Spain in 1767 by order of Charles III. By 1799, this became the parish Church of Saints Justo and Pastor. Both saints were children when they were executed by Roman Emperor Diocletian (reign 284 to 305) during his persecution of Christians. The equestrian relief in the center represents the conversion of Saint Paul. Set into the broken pediment is a statue of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits. Flanking the doorway are marble carvings of San Francisco de Borja and San Francisco Javier.


Plaza de la Universidad,18001 Granada, Spain


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