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Church of Our Lady of Help in Ilhabela, Brazil

Early Portuguese settlers used slave labor to construct a chapel here in the early 18th century. The Catholic place of worship was dedicated to Nossa Senhora D’Ajuda and Bom Sucesso. This means Our Lady of Help and Good Success. This historic epicenter of Vila was extensively renovated by architect Alfredo Oliani in the mid-20th century. Our Lady of Ajuda and Bom Sucesso is the patron saint of Ilhabela. During the annual feast day on February 2, there is a religious procession through the city. This tradition has been repeated for over 200 years. The Crucifixion sculpture was created by Gilmar Pinna in 2008.


Praça Prof. Alfredo Oliani, 53 - Centro, Ilhabela - SP, 11630-000, Brazil


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