Chinese Gateway at Great Mosque of Xi’an, China

The biggest place of Muslim worship in China is the Great Mosque of Xi’an. Other names are the Huajue Mosque or the East Great Mosque. This is the heart of the Muslim Quarter. There are 25 structures within three acres. The complex is shaped as a long rectangle aligned east to west. The architecture is a unique blend of Islamic and Chinese. This 29.5 foot gateway welcomes you to the first courtyard. The wooden paifang with glazed tiles was constructed in the 17th century during the Qing dynasty. Below is a carving of dragons playing with a pearl. They represent God and the emperor plus are a symbol of good luck.


Great Mosque, Huajue Alley, Zhong Lou Shang Quan, Lianhu Qu, Xian Shi, Shaanxi Sheng, China, 710001


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