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31 Chateaubelair Islet in Chateaubelair, Saint Vincent

You are now being treated to the coastal panoramas of St. David Parish. With a size of 50 square miles, it is the second largest of the five parishes on the island of Saint Vincent. An estimated 6,700 people live in this gorgeous North Leeward section. On the left is Chateaubelair Islet. In 1987, this 4.5 square mile cay was designated as a National Wildlife Reserve. A thick forest extends up the 466 foot elevation, creating a haven for birds, lizards and other fauna. This is one of the 35 protected areas in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


Chateaubelair Islet, Chateaubelair Bay, Chateaubelair, St. Vincent & Grenadines


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