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Central Post Office in Seville, Spain

While you and your companion are waiting to enter the Cathedral or Alcazar (expect long lines), take turns running to see this nearby building on Constitution Avenue. Correos y Telegrafos above the door means mail and telegraphs. This Art Deco edifice designed by Joaquin Otamendi and Luis Lozano became the city’s main post office when it opened in 1930. Enjoy inspecting Spain’s coat of arms. This was the country’s heraldic symbol as it appeared from 1875 until 1931 during a period called the House of Bourbon 2nd Restoration. This timeframe coincides with the reigns of King Alfonso XII and Alfonso XIII. Interestingly, the latter inherited the throne before he was born.

Central Post Office in Seville, Spain

Av. de la Constitución, 32, 41001 Sevilla, Spain


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