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45 Casa Loma in Toronto, Canada

Sir Henry Mill Pellat was one of Canada’s wealthiest men during the first twenty years of the 20th century. The industrialist made his fortune from electricity and mining. At the height of his career, he hired E. J. Lennox – one of Toronto’s most successful architects – to build an incredible mansion. Casa Loma means Hill House. When the Gothic Revival estate was finished in 1914, the 64,700 square feet contained 98 rooms. This qualified as the biggest home in North America. The interior can best be described as elegant opulence. Unfortunately, a series of events drove Pellat to bankruptcy. In less than a decade, he and his wife were forced to vacate Casa Loma. You will be transported back to one of the world’s finest residences from the Edwardian Era as you tour the floors and gardens.


1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8, Canada


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