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Casa del Rey Moro in Ronda, Spain

If you understand Spanish, you may get excited when you translate the Casa del Rey Moro sign on this building into the House of Moorish Kings. It is not. It was constructed in the 18th century and cannot be visited. Although their Jardines Históricos are lovely and populated with peacocks, these terraced gardens were designed in 1923. So why go in? The major attraction is the Water Mine. There are over 200 steps cut through solid rock during the 14th century leading down to the river. This treacherous, narrow and dark staircase punctuated with a few chambers was used by slaves to carry up water, by the Moorish military for defense and by royalty as an escape route if the city were besieged. It is an interesting experience. However, the drudgery of walking back up is literally breathtaking.


Calle Cuesta de Santo Domingo, 9, 29400 Ronda, Spain


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