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Carioca Aqueduct in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The city’s position on Guanabara Bay has always made an excellent port. But during the colonial period, getting fresh water to the growing population became challenging. Attempts were made in the 1600s to build canals. They proved inadequate. A better solution arrived during the 18th century. First in 1723 and then again in 1750, an aqueduct was built. Aqueduto da Carioca stands in testament to this engineering feet. There are 42 arches on two levels of this 885 foot segment. Locals call it Lapa Arches, named after the neighborhood where it is located. This is now a bridge for the Santa Teresa Tramway.


Av. República do Paraguai, 395 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20031-180, Brazil


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