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30 Capitol Building in San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Foraker Act established Puerto Rico’s government in 1900. It was headed by a governor initially appointed by the U.S. president and governed by a bicameral legislative body. The capital city was designated as San Juan. In 1917, the residents of Puerto Rico were granted U.S. citizenship. In 1952, the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico was passed. This made Puerto Rico a commonwealth of the United States. The Capitol Building was built in 1929. Its Classic Revival design with a white marble façade and dome was created by architect Rafael Carmoega. The building is often called the Palacio de las Leyes (Palace of Laws) because it serves as the chambers for the Senate and House of Representatives. El Capitolio de Puerto Rico anchors the center of the Capital District in Puerta de Tierra.


El Capitolio, 1 Democracy Square, San Juan, 00902, Puerto Rico


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