Calle El Conde in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Calle el Conde is the main street in colonial Santo Domingo. The pedestrian-only, cobblestone walkway runs east to west for about eleven blocks. It stretches from Calle de las Damas near the Rio Ozama riverbank to Independence Park (Parque Independencia). Expect Calle el Conde to be busy. Shoppers bustle from store to store. Tourists search for the best place to eat or drink. Dominicans socialize with their friends and neighbors. Street performers hope to fill their hats with your money. Children laugh while playing tag. The curious watch all the action from benches beneath street lamps. You have not experienced Ciudad Colonial unless you have strolled along Calle el Conde.


Calle El Conde & Calle Hostos, Santo Domingo 10210, Dominican Republic


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