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20 Calivigny Island from Petit Calivigny, Grenada

Ever dreamed of owning a Caribbean island? Your fantasy can come true – at least for a week or more – on Calivigny Island. This entire 80 acres of paradise can be yours to share with about 50 of your guests. The private property contains an elegant beach house and two-bedroom cottages. Impeccable amenities include pools, bars, watercraft, sports facilities and trainers, masseuses, cooking classes and fine cuisine prepared by excellent chefs. Oh yes, ocean views and palm trees encircle the island. This is opulent vacationing at its best! If you need to ask the price, you can’t afford it. The sailboats are anchored in Woburn Bay. In the foreground is Le Phare Bleu Marina.


Egmont Rd, Petit Calivigny, Grenada


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