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16 Cable Car at Monte Serrat in Santos, Brazil

For an uplifting experience, add Monte Serrat to your Santos itinerary. Your excursion begins on a cable car. At the top of the hill is a former casino that operated from 1927 until 1946. Its elevated position provides spectacular 360° views of the city. A historical highlight is Our Lady of Monte Serrat. The chapel was built in 1599. 15 years later, when Santos was invaded by Dutch privateers, they were mercifully crushed by a landslide from the mountain. The miracle was attributed to Our Lady of Mount Serrat. She then became the patron saint of Santos. The black Madonna with Child (often spelled Montserrat) is also a heavenly protector of navigators and the city of Catalonia, Spain.


Praça Corrêa de Melo, 33 - Centro, Santos - SP, 11013-153, Brazil


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