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13 Brühl’s Terrace is Europe’s Balcony in Dresden, Germany

Brühl’s Terrace is a lovely riverside promenade often praised as the Balcony of Europe. The name stems from Heinrich von Brühl, a highly influential count in the early 18th century. He built a palatial residence, library and garden at this location in 1737. Brühl’s former palace was demolished in 1900. Brühl’s Terrace is extremely popular among tourists and locals. Some favor the picturesque view of the Elber River. Others enjoy the superlative architecture such as the Academy of Fine Arts in the background. Sightseers hop aboard cruise boats docked along the quay. Less active souls prefer sipping a beverage or grabbing a meal at Café Vis-à-Vis, an extension of the Hilton Hotel. The quaint restaurant is housed inside the former Palais der Secondogenitur (Secondary School Palace), originally built in 1897 and rebuilt in 1964. Perhaps the most fun is watching all the people stroll by with smiles on their faces.


An der Frauenkirche 5, 01067 Dresden, Germany


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